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Boas we work with.

Colombian Rainbow Boa

Binomial Nominclature: 
Epicrates cenchria maurus

Light brown with darker brown circles, super iridescent. Tame if socialized. Colombian rainbow boas grow to about four feet in length.

Common Boa

Binomial Nominclature: 
Boa constrictor constrictor

CBR's bloodlines are lighter colored animals with medium brown colored saddles and large bright red saddles on tails. Tame . Average size is about four to five feet in length.

Kenya Sand Boa

Binomial Nominclature: 
Eryx loveridgei

Male Kenya Sand Boas average 16 to 24 inches as adults. Females are much larger than males averaging thirty to forty inches as adults. Very tame and easy to care for. Light yellowish orange ground color with dark brown saddles.

Kenya Sand Boa